What's Happening at the FRHM

June 8, 2017 through June 8, 2017

Culture Series: Made in New Mexico Films
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Santa Fe based writer and New Mexico film historian Jeff Berg will return to the Museum to present a brand new version of his "Made in New Mexico" film clip anthology. The presentation is a compilation of clips from movies that in some way feature people who were born in New Mexico or have lived here or live here now.

This presentation contains clips of films, some made in New Mexico, that star names you may know such as television star Vivian Vance, movie actress Greer Garson, musician John Denver, and author Max Evans.

After each short clip is shown Berg does live narration, offering tidbits about the star, such as where in New Mexico the actor/actress lived or lives, fun and interesting historical references, and sometimes even if it is worth your time to see the entire movie that the clip is from. Audience participation is strongly encouraged and there is plenty of comedy contained in the clips. Audience participation is encouraged and admission is free.

Berg, a former volunteer at the Museum, is the author of "New Mexico Filmmaking," which is a history of some of the over 800 movies shot at least in part in New Mexico. The book was published in 2015 by the Arcadia Press. His new book, due out this fall, "Alone in the Dark" will be about the history of New Mexico's movie theatres.

What's Happening at the FRHM

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