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September 13, 2018 through September 13, 2018

Culture Series: Maud Hawk Wright & Villa's Raid
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Author Michael Hays will recount the true story of a young American woman, Maud Hawk Wright, who was kidnapped from her ranch in Chihuahua during the Mexican Revolution by Villista raiders.

Admission to the presentation in the Museum's theater is free.

The raiders forced Maud and her husband off of their land, leaving their infant child with a hired hand, and shortly afterward, murdered her husband. A grieving Maud was taken to Pancho Villa’s encampment in the mountains where hundreds of revolutionaries were preparing for action. To her surprise, Maud was chosen to ride with Villa and 400 of his soldiers to the north. Enduring a brutal nine-day trek through the mountains of northern Mexico with Villa and his small army, Maud witnessed the violent mania of Villa and his officers and learned that she will become a participant in Villa’s grandiose plan to invade the United States. Before dawn of the ninth day of Maud’s captivity, she found herself riding as a member of Villa’s army as it crossed the border to attack a small New Mexican town, Columbus.

Hays, who will show historic photographs as part of his presentation, is the author of "No Pretty Picture," a novel based on Maud's true story.

After years of teaching English with Albuquerque Public Schools and Albuquerque Academy, he and his wife, Tamra, taught overseas, traveling widely. While taking a summer break from their jobs in Cairo, they began living in Mountainair, N.M., and it was there that Michael heard the story of Mountainair legend, Maud Medders (previously, Maud Hawk Wright).

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